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GF Premium Bakery - Frozen bread in Russia

Frozen pastry

Our company specializes in wholesale supplies of frozen bread, bakery and confectionery products of the highest quality from Europe. We work with leading European frozen bread manufacturers and small manufactories that produce exclusive authentic varieties and types of frozen bakery and confectionery products.

Our company imports the bread, baked goods, and frozen baked goods from Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic and other European countries.

Frozen bread

GF Premium Bakery has a unique collection of bakery products, which begins with the classic original French baguettes, Italian ciabatta, sourdough breads, organic breads, frozen leaven bread and ends widely known and loved in our country authentic Russian rye bread, Spanish bread Barra Rustic and frozen French bread Pain pochon from the world famous pastry chef Frideric Lalos.

The frozen bread in individual packaging: we are actively developing segment of the B2B market and introduce to the Russian market current European trends, such as the frozen baguette with butter and garlic, croissants individually packed, single wrapped Tallinn buns, original French macaroons, frozen eclairs and other trendy products.

For our clients, we offer products of varying degrees:

- Part bake frozen bread, bakery and confectionery products.

- Bake off frozen bread and bakery products.

- Full bake frozen bread, bakery and confectionery products.

- Ready to prove and frozen foods, pizza dough, frozen baked goods, and so on.

In agreement with our clients, we provide a full range of services related to procurement and sales of our products:

- Purchase and installation of equipment for baking (manufacture) of our products
- Quality control of finished products
- Packaging and related materials

You can buy frozen bread supplied by our company in many supermarkets and bakeries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, N Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Vladikavkaz, Tula, Kazan, etc.

In our assortment you will find: a frozen french bread and bakery products, a German frozen bread and bakery products, frozen bread, Austrian, Finnish bread, bread for sandwiches, a traditional Danish pastries, Viennese pastries, baguettes, ciabatta, donuts, donuts, bretsely, organic bread , sourdough bread for a living, and more.

GF Premium Bakery - quality and innovations in a bread .

In our assortment there is a unique product - Traditional Norwegian bread SIGDAL Bakeri. Unparalleled taste, a large amount of cereals and a simple beautiful wrapping - that's what you and your clients need. It is worth trying, because you simply will not find any analogues. In the line of three flavors: SIGDAL with herbs and sea salt, SIGDAL with spelled and pumpkin seeds and SIGDAL GLUTEN FREE with oat flakes.

We are glad to present to your taste the corporate dessert of French cuisine - Canele. The dough of this product is soft and tender with a sweet aroma of vanilla and rum, and the surface is covered with caramelized crust. Recipe of canele is rooted in the XVIII century and is indirectly associated with the production of Bordeaux wines. The French nuns of the Cloister of Mercy in St. Elali first began to bake these egg yolk cakes, which were not used to make Bordeaux wines. Soon these cakes were fond of many residents of France, and the high popularity of these cakes led to the emergence of artisans who produce only this type of product. They were called cannoliers. Canele became so popular that in France a real commercial war broke out between the cannoilers and confectioners. But this is different story. We offer you to try our caneles as a dessert for breakfast, or as an excellent combination when tasting liqueur wine.

Frozen pastry

Frozen pastry

In our assortment you will find a traditional and classic puff and yeast baked goods from the countries of the Old World, such as Croissant French (with different content of butter), maple pecan, snail with toffee and pecan mini cakes for hotels in the French and Danish styles; a variety of original, high-quality products under the world-renowned brand Lenotre: curlicues Matcha with cranberries, with praline, curls of orange and lemon marmalade; original Spanish Xuxo sweet buns with various fillings; Karelian pies in the range, as well as other frozen pastries, having different shapes, weight and taste.