Frozen bread and pastry
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 email: offergf-d.ru

A little about us

Good Food Ltd. (trade mark GF Delicatessen) - Wholesale company specializing in supplying frozen bread, bakery and confectionery products of the highest quality from Europe.

Our team:

The team of highly skilled professionals who know their business and are able to find the correct, timely and easy solutions for your business.

100 Percentage of responsibility
We are

Everyone is different, and each of us are just crazy about the business, but the main thing that united us - it is the taste of freshly baked bread.

Our principles are:

  • Reliability: we always fulfill taken obligations;
  • Definition: we accurately and meticulously carry out current business processes: document management, logistics, inventory and so on;
  • efficiency: an established mechanism of the interaction of all structural units of the Company allows employees to quickly and correctly respond to any emergency situations and demands of customers;
  • compromise and mutual respect: we know how to negotiate and find mutually acceptable solutions to even the most complex problems.
2010 Date of foundation

Just three years of steady repetition in concept, has allowed us to become the market leader for frozen bread!

Our products

We toured the whole Europe in search of an authentic bread with history and products, unparalleled in taste to make you happy with our offer. We do not gonna stop.

300 units
The fact

Each product goes through a tasting of control in our office and never offered to the client, if at least one of colleague is in doubt.

Our suppliers

Mutual support - another key point that helps everyone to develop. We are convinced that the friendship - is the key to success.

12 Countries
25 suppliers

Among them are recognized worldwide foodies, giants of their industry, and do not see small manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products, which nesomenno will gain worldwide recognition.

Our portfolio

The minimum cost of logistics and a strong relationship with its European partners, can make offers that are not discarded. You can find at us..

Types of bread and pastry

puff pastry, raw proving products, ready-to-cook products, ready-to-eat products