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New product: Caneles

We are glad to present to your taste the corporate dessert of French cuisine - Canele. The dough of this product is soft and tender with a sweet aroma of vanilla and rum, and the surface is covered with caramelized crust. Recipe of canele is rooted in the XVIII century and is indirectly associated with the production of Bordeaux wines. The French nuns of the Cloister of Mercy in St. Elali first began to bake these egg yolk cakes, which were not used to make Bordeaux wines. Soon these cakes were fond of many residents of France, and the high popularity of these cakes led to the emergence of artisans who produce only this type of product. They were called cannoliers. Canele became so popular that in France a real commercial war broke out between the cannoilers and confectioners. But this is different story. We offer you to try our caneles as a dessert for breakfast, or as an excellent combination when tasting liqueur wine.