Frozen bread and pastry
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The main producers of the frozen bread


Ankerbrot AG - Austrian company based on the production of traditional bakery products of the highest quality. At present, the manufacturer has about 140 branches in the greater Vienna. This makes it a leader in the management of grain branches throughout Austria. The number of employees in 2011 was more than 1,500 employees, and that number is increasing annually. The range includes frozen breads and pastries, classic pastries, hot and cold snacks, and innovative line of dietary products. Production history of the Austrian bread this company goes far back in 1891, when they were founded the first bakery Heinrich and Fritz Mendel. ...more


Bellsola is the consummate follower of traditional cuisine of Catalonia. The company retains the age-old Spanish tradition of baking bread since 1890. Vryatli can say that in its range lacks any kind of products. Production of frozen bread, pastry and ice confectionery given manufacturer closely associated with the strict rules at all stages of product development and management of the equipment. The products are made by special technology, fulfilling the requirements of the Strategy Naos (Estrategia NAOS) prohibiting content of hydrogenated (transgenic) fats. ...more


The unique manufacturing products by hand and industrial organization, makes Bridor industry benchmark for frozen bread and pastry products. Brand has a complete range of 30 types of bread, 300 bread recipes, 150 recipes and 150 Viennese bread dough types to meet all customers' needs at any time. All recipes are selected by professionals and masters of French industry, bakery and restaurant service. All the raw materials used to produce only premium quality: traditional French meal, Poitou Charentes butter under the label AOC (Appellation Origin Control - government control of origin of the product.) ...more

Chateau Blanc

Chateau Blanc (from French. "White castle") - French producer with a family history of bakeries "know-how", which is written from 1889. Suppliers of frozen bread, Viennese pastries, pasta and ready-to-eat products are manufactured using a specially developed technology that allows to combine a bread artisan skills with innovation, while maintaining the traditional taste. The latter is a priority for the firm. Great principles of traditional French bakery, followed by Chateau Blanc, require the use of a traditional meal, a long stay in the dough and baking stone ovens. ...more


Cristella - Estonian manufacturer of frozen bread, baked goods, snacks and a variety of pastries. The company operates since 1914, but the first production line of frozen products was launched in 2004. Now, this bakery is one of the largest manufacturers of frozen bread in the Baltic States. Number of employees at the plant in 2012 was 170 people. Commending the people's health, and, at the same time, ensuring the safety of food produced, from October 2010, the company adopted a certified system of food safety management in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 22 000:2005. The system is constantly evaluated and improved. ...more


Ditsch - first entered the German market in 1919, as the pioneers of manufacturing pretzels. Since then, the company has revolutionized the industry and create the form of baking. Soft pretzels made ??Ditsch always been a piece of skill manual labor. In a series of traditions they have created a portfolio of products that completely redefine the appearance of snacks. Now the manufacturer offers the most complete range of this type of product: brettsely, snack products, snacks and frozen muffins. ...more


Gourmand - Belgiysy manufacturer of large number of frozen pastry, from croissants and Danysz curls up and rolls with different fillings. Was the leader in puff products for over 25 years. Supplies its pre-prepared products for catering, small bakeries and bakery manual type industrial scale in retail and wholesale customers. C 1991 is a company Dossche Group, initially oriented and based on the agro-food industry. ...more


This bakery, founded in 1965 in northern France - was one of the first producers of raw frozen dough for bread. It quickly became a supplier of frozen pizza dough number one. Now their range varies from bread dough and pizza to Viennese pastries and snacks varying degrees of readiness: raw, pre-baked and ready for baking. The company has three factories located in different parts of Europe, each of which operates only in its product lines: the production of bread, pizza dough and sweet and savory snacks. ...more

Hammerl Sutterluty

There are not many bakeries that can boast a 150-year history, but the Austrian Hammerl can do it without a doubt. One of the best bakers, craftsmen, still, day after day pass traditions and art Saved taste each baked loaf. Their range can be found about 120 different kinds of authentic Austrian frozen bread. All the ingredients are only available in the region in southern Austria where the bakery is located, and is thoroughly tested. ...more

Inter Europol

The first bakery in Poland, which offers such a diverse range of traditional Swiss, French or Danish frozen bakery products. All products are manufactured using the most advanced technologies. Their high-quality bread available in hyper-and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and retail outlets. During its relatively short history (since 1991), the manufacturer has gained popularity and is appreciated not only in Poland but also abroad. The company exports its products to Western Europe and Scandinavia, which indicates the high quality of bread and recognition in the world market. ...more

De Makelborger

The German manufacturer, present on the market since 1968. Very quickly able to win recognition of customers high quality products. Their range includes traditional bread, organic bread, rolls, sweet pastries and confectionery. The secret of success lies in the combination of craft work with high-tech production. The company has two modern production facilities, which employ more than 1,500 skilled professionals, 125 branches throughout Europe and another 75 stores operating under franchise. ...more

Joseph Brot

Frozen organic bread from Joseph - this is a real quality product Austrian Luxury. It is completely made ??by hand and baked only in the traditional steam ovens in two phases. Before we get into the oven, the dough can rest on the shelves at the bakery 48 hours to the series, until it comes to the ideal state. In addition, all the ingredients for an organic bread, collected only in a green area of Southern Austria, where he is the main bakery Joseph'a. The very name of the company was named after the founder and head of the company - Joseph Vegopta, baker by profession, who had created this unique bio bread. ...more

Mette Munk

Manufacturer authentic Danish pastries luxury. The company is distinguished ability to combine tradition with the most modern technology and the ability to select the best ingredients from around the world. This allows you to give the product a unique taste. Famous Danysz, Danish braid and Danish pastries - all production of Mette Munk. The company has long become world famous. Their products are sold under its own brand in the U.S., Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, China and Japan. ...more


Neuhauser - is a thriving family business since 1906. At the time, it was a small-scale bakery, founded by Alfred Nyuhauzerom Folshvillere in a small town. Now the company is a international group of companies consisting of 21 manufacturing sites, including the largest bakery in France and production in Portugal, the market-oriented Iberia. The entire range includes about 500 different products of the highest quality, including Chiles frozen bread and excellent Viennese pastries. ...more

Planete Pain

The French company, which is a relatively short time (20 years) was able to build 8 production lines and recognition of quality and good taste in 5 continents. Traditional bread recipes and advanced technology allow our products to be popular in parts of the world 4eh. You're looking for a traditional French baguette, national bread of France or organic bread bio? Then you can not go wrong with buying products from this manufacturer. ...more

Poppies & Berlidon

The union of two companies from Belgium and France, supplying sweet pastries and delicious pastries around the world. The company has seven production facilities - five in Belgium, one in France and one in the U.S.. The company constantly surprises and pleases her culinary inventions, combining the rich traditions of the Flemish remeslinnkov with innovative technologies. Special attention is paid to careful selection of fine flour of the best crops. They can come from the most barns Belgium - Flanders fields. It has become one of the main principles in order to achieve a unique taste of the product, which no one can cause conflicts. Frozen donuts, eclairs, biscuits, profiteroles and Belgian waffles from this manufacturer you can always buy from us. ...more


Sinnack - a family company with a century of history. On the market for 111 years. Includes more than 20 production lines and large warehouses, where every day more than 500 professionals. The company is distinguished by attractive prices, excellent customer service, as well as Europe-wide logistics management to ensure supplies of fresh, chilled and frozen organic bakery. Products range from the frozen mini-baguettes, rolls, baguettes with herb and garlic butter, ciabatta bread and toast to the bio. All raw materials used meets the highest international standards, ensuring the creation of products of the highest quality. ...more


Brioches FONTENEAU is a French family company specialized for more than 35 years in the production of Authentic French bakery product, such as Brioche products. In the late 70s, Mr FONTENEAU bought with his wife a handcrafted Bakery/Pastry shop in Vendee, western part of France. He quickly went to offer their products in supermarkets, where it immediately appealed Brioche-lovers. Since then and thanks to their passion and their bakers’ know how, Brioches FONTENEAU has become the specialist of Brioches in France and abroad. ...more

Good Food

Good Food was founded in 1991 and Janusz Magdalene Dulce Dulce in Skorzewo, Polskaya Republic . It was the first company offering healthy food on the Polish market . Good Food Company SA. Engaged in the production and distribution of healthy food , basic food groups , which were rice cakes . Australian technology for the manufacture of rice cakes in combination with consistent development strategy has allowed the company to quickly enter the market and give birth to healthy eating trends in Poland. Currently Good Food Products is a leading Polish manufacturer of high quality loaves of rice, corn and other cereals. It has recently been launched for the production line of foods rich in dietary fiber ( crisp bread , cereal and cereal bars ) . ...more


Europastry aim is to transform the bread industry and be quick to meet the needs of both professionals and end consumers by employing the very latest cold chain technology. Frozen dough makes the ideal non-perishable product, supplying top quality at the best price and with maximum simplicity. This enables production to be well organised and allows professionals to concentrate on making sales. The Europastry group is market leader in frozen dough. ...more

Der Mann

Kurt Mann Backerei & Konditorei GmbH & Co KG - Austrian bakery, baking observe traditions for 150 years. Taking advantage of the accumulated knowledge of traditional art of baking, and the advantages of modern technology, all the baked goods are made in the bakery of the highest quality raw materials and excellent ingredients. The company pays special role origin, so it is important that all the ingredients come exclusively from Austria. ...more