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About Bread

The bread is always treated with great respect and love in Russia.

In honor of bread hymns, songs were composed, rituals performed, and festivals organized to mark the end of the harvest. The bride and groom, newborn, guests were welcomed by bread. In such folk rituals the human wisdom and respect for the bread were concluded, which is passed on from generation to generation, and inculcated in child from the very first days of life.

There are museums of bread in many countries. For example, in a museum in Zurich the bread is exhibited, which age is 6000 years. The municipal museum exhibited a roll that was baked 3400 years ago in New York. The mere fact of preservation of such an ancient product of human hands as a sacred relic already is symbolic. This is evidence of the moral value of bread and grateful memory of men.

Life has been changing, revalued values and the Father Bread, Bread - winner is still with us. The Bread is an Ambassador of Peace and Friendship in the world.

Each person relates in his own way to the Bread, but each of us appreciates it without any exception. Bread is the life.

«Bread for all the good» says the old Russian proverb.

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