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Liability and product quality

Liability and product quality


Good Food is a socially responsible company.


We make every effort to ensure food safety and value of food products in the wholesale and retail trade in food.



Our products do not contain GEOs. Strict control is carried out in accordance with European regulations: EC 1829/2003 and EC 1830/2003



we get product selection and advice on its quality from the managers of baking and international consulting agencies that have extensive experience in the industry of the European Bakery


Manufacturing of products:

All our partners are the quality certified and manufacture the products in accordance with the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Some of them are certified according to:

• BRC (British standard for food safety).

• IIFS (German standard for food safety).

• ISO 22000 (International standard for food safety).

•>ECOCERT (French standard for food safety).

• CERTIFIE AGRICULTURE BIOLOGIQUE (French standard for food safety).

• BIO nach EG-Oko-Verordnung (German standard for food safety)


Product quality:

Many of our partners have their own quality control laboratories, where the raw ingredients are tested, which are necessary for the realization of production (water, flour, mixes, additives) and finished products. All factories are equipped with the special equipment that allows the carrying out the production process: phyto and metal control and monitor the weight and sizes of the finished products. General hygiene requirements: before, during and after production of products all staff without exception comply with the general safety and hygiene requirements that are imposed for each specific site.

We keep us up to date: in our unique collection of baked goods you can find the products marked with the green sign «Clean label». Products «Clean Label» consist only of natural, healthy and high-quality ingredients, they do not have preservatives and other food additives.

Quality of products’ delivery:

We control the temperature condition of our goods during all time of delivery with the help of transportation links and modern technologies


Storage conditions of products:

All goods are stored in the special storage facilities with appropriate temperature conditions of storage products. Permit documents: our company has all necessary documents for the import and sale of food on the territory of Russian Federation: sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, quality certificates, certificates of conformity, product declarations of conformity, etc.

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