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Services are a priority direction and strategy of development of our Company.


We create reliable, mutually beneficial and comfortable environment to work together, consider their particular needs and technical capabilities of our partners.


Information support:

you can get any information during the working day at any time associated with your order:

  • reception, confirmation and price of the order;
  • timely and accurate information about the availability, lack and supply terms of product;
  • time and date of delivery;
  • other information related to your order.

Loyalty program:

for all clients that already did business with our Company are available loyalty programs, which let effectively manage the trade, save time and get maximum profits from trading areas:

  • loyalty program “seasonal and cumulative discounts” work within the framework of existing contracts and let buy certain groups of goods at discounted prices within a certain period of time.
  • loyalty program “Bakery turnkey” works within the framework of existing and new contracts and it includes a range of services: audit of retail areas (field inspection of an expert to identify possible prospects for the development of outlet), development of project design, advice on selecting and setting of the equipment, and purchase of necessary equipment: ovens, shelves, freezers, etc., organization of trainings, consulting of personnel: staff training, quality control, providing weekly and monthly reports on the progress with the overall assessment of the outlet’s work, etc
  • loyalty program “Best Baker / Salesperson”, this program works within the framework of existing contracts, the objectives of this program are: the mutual increase of sales, improvement of service quality for consumers, and staff training for outlets. At the end of the program our company will arrange a business trip to Europe for representatives of the company's customers: bakers, salespeople, the management, and employees of the commercial department. Purposes of the trip are: visits to the factories, professional development of staff, skill sharing and a cultural program.


Advertising and marketing.

We actively participate and support the various marketing events organized by the clients of our company: promotions, sampling, arrangement of outdoor and indoor advertising, participation in publications, etc.



Our customers can use any of the options they need from the proposed programs or to offer their versions of the development of trade relations and product promotion.

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